In a shocking statement, UFC flyweight fighter Tim Elliott revealed that his ex-wife Gina Mazany was a serial cheater. The UFC fighter accused his former lover of cheating on him with his friend and teammate Kevin Croom throughout their marriage. In a statement provided to The New York Post, Elliott claimed that his ex-wife even slept with the other man on their wedding night.

In the report from the Post, Elliott made his accusations against his ex-wife publicly on Twitter. In the tweet with the accusations of infidelity, Elliott shared a picture of Mazany at their wedding as she read her wedding vows to Elliott’s daughter from a previous marriage. As Elliott stands there to hear the vows, it is none other than Croom who is holding the microphone for Mazany as she recites her vows for all to hear, only to break them hours later when she sleeps with Croom instead of her husband.

“You want to see something gross? This is my ‘wife’ reading vows to my daughter on our ‘wedding’ night,” Elliott wrote in the tweet. “The guy holding the microphone was my ‘friend/teammate’ my wife cheated on me with this guy the same night! And they have had a relationship our entire ‘marriage.’”

According to The New York Post, Elliott is no longer married to his cheating ex-spouse. In addition, it seems that Mazany and Croom are currently together. In an effort to get more juicy details about their affair, Daily Mail reached out to representatives of Mazany and Croom to see if they could get a comment on their love affair.

Elliott eventually discovered his ex-wife’s infidelity when he discovered text messages she had sent to a friend. In addition, he also claimed that Mazany later confessed her cheating ways to him after he confronted her.

How did Mazany and Croom have sex on Elliott’s wedding night? Well, it seemed that the pair had sex while Elliott returned home to put his daughter to bed. Although he wanted his wife to go back home with him, she refused, claiming that she had “friends there from out of state” and did not want to disappoint them by leaving the wedding early because of a sleepy child.

Like her ex-spouse, Mazany was also a UFC fighter. However, she and Croom were both cut from the UFC last April because of too many losses. Nevertheless, both Croom and Mazany are pursuing other promotions, according to an article published by the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Elliott has not fought a UFC fight since UFC 272. Back during that battle, he defeated Tagir Ulanbekov by unanimous decision. Now, Elliott is scheduled to fight on June 3, 2023, against Victor Altamirano.

On Daily Mail, dozens of people left comments to the effect that Elliott should not be airing his dirty laundry as he did.

“Dude, that ain’t something you’d want to placate everywhere. Think about your daughter and… your pride. Suck it up, forget about her, and move on,” wrote one fan.