A Chinese woman had to pick her husband up at the police station. He had gotten involved in a brawl and had been taken into custody. However, the wife watched surveillance footage of the brawl and spotted her husband with another woman. He was cuddling with his alleged mistress on camera, who was the reason the brawl started in the first place.

The scandalous incident became big news across China once it was featured in the Chinese reality show entitled “Guard West Jiefang Road,” according to a loose translation provided by Daily Mail. The program follows the busy lives of Chinese police officers while they try to solve real-life crimes along West Jiefang Road. This road is central to the bustling Chinese nightclub scene in the central Chinese megacity of Changsha.

The incident caught on security cameras occurred back on September 21, 2020. In the footage, you can see Chinese people walking around without masks on as they have been able to curb the spread of the coronavirus and resume a normal life. The brawl occurred in the middle of the night. A few people injured in the fight went to the police to report the attack. This led the police to obtain security footage.

The brawl occurred between the cheating husband and his mistress and a group of drunk partiers. The cheating husband apparently misheard a comment and thought they had called his mistress a prostitute or escort. This led to a large-scale fight. He started the fight by pushing another man to defend his mistress’s honor. All the while, his wife was at home, waiting for his return.

When his wife saw the footage, she was stunned. The police contacted her after they failed to track him down. The woman did not know that her husband was having an affair, although he would go out late and only return home the next morning.

“We would always fight whenever I tried to interfere,” the wife said. “Our child is still very young. I’m spending 24 hours looking after the child.”

The wife broke down in tears and begged the people in her group to forgive her husband’s poor behavior. She is clearly under his spell.

“No matter what had happened, I still hope you guys could forgive him,” she said. “Our child is very young.”

The wife contacted her husband and asked him to come down to the police station. He showed up with his mistress in tow. He ignored his wife, walking right past her, and entered the police station without an apology or a display of remorse.

The man was not arrested. The brawl had not escalated to a point to be considered a criminal offense. He was given a warning by the police.

Chinese viewers were outraged by the husband’s poor behavior. Many are begging the wife to divorce him.

One viewer condemned: “Why [is she] trying to save this kind of marriage? A full-time mother is not the reason for your weakness. Don’t say that it’s for the sake of your child. The child doesn’t want to grow up in this kind of family.”

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