A busy woman parked her car along a residential street called Radcliffe Street in Royton in the United Kingdom. When the woman returned to her vehicle a few hours later, she found that someone had left her a “threatening” handwritten note that left the victim “shaken” and disturbed. The person who wrote the angry letter instructed the woman to “pay for a car park” instead of parking on the residential street in front of their house.

The note was shared to a Facebook group that unites people of Royton by an anonymous person who claimed that their mother-in-law received the note on her vehicle this past Saturday while she had parked the car on the residential street. The Facebook user said that their mother-in-law was left terrified and worried about where she should park her car and that people in the neighborhood should “refrain from writing threatening letters” to the little old woman.

The threatening note left on the woman’s car stated, “Tin opener available at 81 or 83. Next time you need to leave your car for more than a couple of hours, pay for a car park and refrain from taking valuable parking spaces outside my home!! Next time the can opener may not be so forthcoming.”

The Facebook user shared an image of the handwritten note along with a message about how the note left their mother-in-law very scared and worried about her safety in the residential neighborhood. She did not know if the threat meant that the residential homeowner would do something to her vehicle if she had to park along the street again.

“Disappointed to share this was found on my mother-in-law’s car today on Radcliffe Street,” wrote the Facebook user in their post for the Royton group. “This person has no idea of the circumstances around the reason for parking there. However, this is irrelevant as the road is not owned by either of these properties.”

The user continued, “She is fairly shaken and now is worried about where to park when this was perfectly legal and reasonable. If anyone has suffered any criminal damage, this may enlighten them as to where it’s come from; obviously cannot be sure. Please ensure you move to a house with a parking space if you need to park close to your home and refrain from writing threatening letters.”

Hundreds of Daily Mail readers responded to this story by writing comments.

“Surely you can park where you want as long as your vehicle is taxed and insured and not blocking anyone’s access to their homes.”

“Unfortunately, if you cannot afford a house with a drive or allocated parking, this is what you have to put up with. You do not own the highway, and if I am taxed and insured, all none restricted roads are fair game.”

Do you think this homeowner was wrong to post the note on the woman’s car for taking up street parking?