Twins might be more common than you think. According to an estimate, about one birth in every two hundred fifty results in twins. The odds become slimmer and slimmer with every child you add to the mix. Only about one in ten thousand pregnancies result in triplets. But one mom got the surprise of her life when she found out she was pregnant with a third child just ten days after getting pregnant with twins.

The mom whose story we’re sharing runs a blog called Taming Triplets. She announced her triplet pregnancy to the world via social media and has been entertaining followers and friends with her family’s antics ever since.

Part of her social media presence includes TikTok videos. The mom-to-be shared numerous videos on the Chinese-created social media platform and engaged followers as she shared steps along her journey to growing her family. However, she received bad news in November when doctors told her that her triplet pregnancy was at risk.

Nevertheless, the brave mom was determined to bring her three little angels into the world, so she took a deep breath and decided to ignore medical advice and go forward with the pregnancy regardless of the consequences to the babies and her health.

Throughout the ordeal, the mom kept up appearances and continued to share motivational content and inspiring videos and photos with her fans and followers.

“Every week I get bigger I think ‘I can’t stretch anymore…’ and then I do!!! Women are warriors. I don’t know how I’m doing this.”

Mom wanted her social media followers to understand the ordeal she was dealing with. Many people were confused about how she had gotten pregnant with twins and then learned about the third baby days later. She opened up to them by writing:

“Normally, your body is supposed to switch up your hormones and stop you from ovulating again once you’re already pregnant. In my circumstance, it did not. About 10 percent of women can ovulate twice a month. Only I think .3 percent get pregnant a second time.

“So technically, our babies do have different due dates. Luckily they’re close enough that they will be born the same day, so they will all still be considered triplets.”

She knew that her family had a lot of challenges ahead, but she was anxious to meet the babies and grateful for all of the support from friends and fans.

All three babies were born prematurely. Fortunately, there were all healthy, and mom was happy.

“My sweet girls…. you are fighters and showing your strength already. I still can’t wrap my mind around how delicate and tiny you are but so, so mighty at the same time. We can’t wait to bring you home and get all 3 of you in our arms at once. The NICU is the toughest journey for all 5 of us, but once we get through this together, then it will be all UP from here!”

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